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Own A Share Of Our Club Racehorse!

St John’s Park Bowling Club have partnered with the Stable of Stars Racing Club to bring some exciting new benefits to our members.  One of those benefits is our very own ‘Club Racehorse’.

Stable of Stars have arranged for us to partner with them in the lease ownership of ‘Hellride’ – a beautiful yearling filly that will be trained at Warwick Farm racecourse by one of Australia’s finest racehorse trainers, Bjorn Baker.

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But the most exciting part of our partnership is that St John’s Park Bowling Club members have the exclusive opportunity to join us as a part-owner in the lease of this amazing filly. Stable of Stars have divided the ownership of our filly into 100 Private Partnership Parcels and the majority of these 1% Parcels are being offered ONLY to our members.

The filly has a very impressive pedigree, has been bred at the prestigious Segenhoe Stud and if she had been sold at the sales over the past few months then she would have brought a price of at least $400,000 upwards.  This means that to buy a piece of her you would likely have had to buy a minimum of 5% and would be paying between $20,000 and $30,000 as an upfront payment.

Stable of Stars are offering our members the chance to buy 1 (and up to 5 Parcels) for just:

  • $110.00 as a once-only payment upfront….and then
  • $88.00 a month (around $20.00 a week)

This covers all costs for the racing life of our racehorse.

Stable of Stars are also offering up to 10% discount on monthly fees for multiple parcel purchases …AND…FREE 3 month Stable of Stars membership for all new owners.

Click here to leave your details.  Grant, the Stable of Stars Founder, will call you to explain further, answer any questions that you may have and help you to secure your Parcel.