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Do Something Day – A Random Act of Kindness

Do Something Day is all about random acts of kindness. St Johns Park Bowling Club in partnership with Prairiewood High School and the Arts & Community Development Centre, rounded up local community members to pitch in and carry out a random act of kindness.

A group of over 20 volunteers, comprising of St Johns Park Bowling Club and ClubsNSW team members, and local people from the Community Kitchen, who have recently moved to Australia, met at St Johns Park Bowling Club to prepare care packages for refugees. Many of the volunteers preparing the care packages have fled their home countries themselves due to war and discrimination. These people not only understand the many challenges these refugees are facing; but recognise that Do Something Day at St Johns Park Bowling Club is the perfect opportunity to show their new neighbours they are not alone on their journey.

Of all city councils, Fairfield resettles the largest number of humanitarian migrants who arrive in Australia. The people of Fairfield City have welcomed these diverse cultures with open arms, many of whom are from Iraq and Syria, proudly offering not only a peaceful sanctuary, but opportunity. “I can’t begin to imagine the hardships faced by these families, who are often traumatised by their recent experiences, feeling isolated, lonely and often struggling financially”, said St Johns Park Bowling Club Marketing Manager, Debbie Hilder.

The care packages were filled with long life food products and small handmade ‘wish’ boxes to encourage recipients to collect their happy memories of Australia. Jars of Vegemite were also included in the packages, along with translated instructions on how to make Vegemite on toast, along with some information on the heritage of Vegemite and why it is considered to be so Australian.

Volunteers and recipients enjoyed a Vegemite toast making competition, lunch and live music.